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My name is Blake Gossow, I developed a passion for fitness at age 16 when dealing with a knee injury, health professionals explained the recovery journey I would go through. I persisted through and fitness helped me build confidence in myself as I lost weight, built muscle and developed strength again. Through my journey I worked towards the progression of goals I set myself which continually evolve.
I then expanded this knowledge by competing a dual diploma in sports management and development; as well as being a part of a sport academy getting trained by high level S&C coaches. I then did certificate 3 and 4 in fitness with AIPT. Since then I have worked in a commercial gym training a wide variety of clients wanting personalized outcomes; and developing myself through mentors while honing in on my own approach to fitness. Being a mentor for AIPT certificate 3 and 4 students has further expanded my knowledge and confidence in helping people along their fitness journey.
My objective as a personal trainer is to help many people enjoy exercise, feel confident in themselves and train in their element towards specific individual targets!

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