Our story

In My Element clothing was founded with the mission to empower. The symbol, crafted by founders Blake and Aimee embodies the four elements while our motto 'Endeavour to Empower' lies at the heart of our brand's powerful message. 

Our mission is to unlock everyone's unique element, fostering confidence and encouraging them to share it boldly. Let our symbol stand as a powerful reminder that staying true to yourself and reaching your aspirations are fundamental.Wearing our brand signifies more than just fashion; it's a commitment to relentless progress, goal achievement, and the empowerment of others to do the same.

We are a small Australian owned family business. All decoration is done locally in Gippsland Victoria.

Why In My Element?

In 2015, Blake was 15, we had a terrible car accident. Injuries included broken neck, and arms for Drew, broken clavicle, humerus, ulnar, radius and punctured lung for me (Kym). Blake tore his meniscus and had the freakiest eyes. It was after this event that Blake decided he wanted to study health and fitness & immersed himself in basketball.

After finishing school Blake completed a Diploma of Sport and Recreation Management and Diploma of Sport Development. He then continued to complete certificate 3 & 4 in Fitness. Blake loves helping people with their goals and wanted to start a clothing range that reflected his passion for living your best life. Blake found his bliss by trying different things, he has found a love, not only for Basketball, but also surfing and skateboarding. He also enjoys rock-climbing, fishing and camping, just to name a few. What's your Bliss?

Our symbol of Empowerment

Harness the Elements, Air, Water, Fire and Earth rolled into one powerful symbol.